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beWell Care Center

beWell Care Center Sign Square-plain

Hello and thank you for choosing beWell Care Center for you and your family’s medical needs.

beWell Care Center is owned and operated by Kilolo Jenkins. It is located in the virtual platform Second Life (TM). beWell Care Center is a small family clinic that is dedicated to giving you the best possible role play experience for you and your family members.

At beWell we focus on making sure that your medical role play experience is catered to you, your personality and your needs. We provide the following services:

*Drug testing
*STD screening
*Pediatric care
*Prenatal/Maternity care
*General Medicine
*Artificial Insemination
*Lamaze/Yoga classes
*beYou Birth Certificates
more to come

Disclaimer: The purpose of this business is to provide medical services via enhanced role play to residents of the game and in no way is to be relied upon as real life medical advice.

For more information, please feel free to message Kilolo Jenkins for more information!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Kilolo Jenkins
Chief of Staff, beWell Care Center


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KJIm Store Sign 2018 Square

Welcome to KJ Immortal, better known as KJIm.

We specialize in making clothing with plenty of color options, carefully taking our time to make sure that each garment we provide speaks to trendy colors, affordable prices and top quality in fashion for avatars of all ages and genders.

Specializing in combining looks that are not only cute but affordable, KJIm tries to keep you stylish without burning a hole in your virtual wallet. We make clothes for avatars of all ages and genders and are slowly but surely expanding our catalog!

In addition we also have a poses department that includes poses for kids, families with kids, some group poses and a few single packets as well. Along with these items we have a few pieces of furniture for the kids and we hope to make more of those in the future!

We also now work in the shapes field to try to offer more alternatives to help enhance and/or change your look!

Our VIP group received updates first as well as special sale announcements that are exclusive to the group. In addition, they are first to know about group gifts in the store!

For inquiries, please contact Kilolo Jenkins inworld!

We hope you enjoy the experience of shopping at KJIm. Can’t wait to see you (and your loved ones) on the grid.

With love,
Kilolo Jenkins

Locations, Marketplace information & Social Media Information

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KJIm After Dark (for restricted photos) –


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Willow Scouts Of Second Life


Willow Scouts has been active for more than two years. In that time we have accomplished many things. We have learned, grown, earned badges, and helped with many different activities and organizations from around the world in Real Life and Second Life.

Why is our symbol the Willow?

The Willow is tall and strong, but gentle and supple. In ancient times willows were believed to be deeply connected to our world and the most insightful of trees. Like this we connect with the people around us and make the life we all live, and those of future generations, better.

But why should you join us?

We are diverse: We accept people from all communities, genders, and species.

We care: No matter who you are or where you are you are always welcomed, accepted and loved by us.

We are strong: We maintain relationships with, and within, many varied communities across the grid.

Why shouldn’t you join? Come see us every Wednesday night at 5 pm (SLT) as we meet to build, grow and learn all the things that make us the scouts we are and will always be.



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Legends MC

Legends MC Kings Canyon

Legends MC is a motorcycle club that is active in the motorcycle community. We have a beautiful riding sim with great tracks, and breathtaking scenery. Everyone is welcome!

We ride, we have fun, and we treat each other like family. We value honesty, building each other up, and treating each other with respect. We take care of each other and we do not create problems for fellow bikers. We are not 1%ers. We respect all clubs and enjoy supporting those that support us.